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  • Q. What is Green Contact Book?

    Green Contact Book is an exclusive business-to-business directory listing brands, companies and specialists within food, health, beauty, fitness, media and home. Our holding page and social media launched in November 2015, and the full website went live in January 2016.

  • Q. Who is the founder of Green Contact Book?

    Green Contact Book is the brainchild of Grace Carter, who has worked with Calgary Avansino since April 2014. Grace knows the health, wellbeing and fitness industry inside out, back to front. To contact Grace, e-mail: grace@greencontactbook.com.

  • Q. What is the criteria for being listed within Green Contact Book?

    We’re a niche directory, meaning we’re also pretty exclusive. Anyone listed within Green Contact Book must fill one or more of the following criteria:

    - Natural
    - Vegetarian
    - Free-from
    - Cruelty-free
    - Vegan
    - Eco-friendly
    - Organic
    - Health, Wellbeing or Fitness
    - Raw

    If you are unsure about whether your business is suitable to be listed within our directory, please get in touch with us: enquiries@greencontactbook.com.

  • Q. I’m a journalist/PR – that doesn’t make me organic/raw/vegan, etc, as per your requirements?

    That’s correct, but if you write about these topics, or you look after the marketing/publicity for brands or people that fit into these groups, then we’d love to have you listed.

  • Q. What are the main market channels for Green Contact Book?

    All those mentioned in our logo: Food, Health, Beauty, Fitness, Media and Home. These are then broken down into smaller sub-categories, which cover all the individual areas within these market channels.

  • Q. What if my business doesn’t fit into one of the sub-categories listed underneath each of the main market channels?

    Then let us know and we will look into this to ensure we can find a way to have you listed in our directory. You can e-mail us about this: enquiries@greencontactbook.com or visit our contact page

  • Q. What makes Green Contact Book better than any other directory?

    We’re one of the first B2B directories specifically set up to support the health, wellbeing and fitness industries. 

    Our subscription rates are far more affordable than similar directories, who have monthly subscription rates averaging in excess of £300. 

    Being a niche directory means we offer access to relevant and useful contacts and/or represent your business/brand alongside contacts that are appropriate to your industry and/or specialism.

    Unlike many other directories, our contact cards allow you to upload your logo and a short blurb about your business for free. This enables users to understand who you are and become familiar with your brand – essentially giving you free advertising to our green community.

    Unlike many other directories, you can edit your contact card at any time. This also means our contacts are regularly updated and even more accurate.

    Our editorial blog is full of relevant trade and business information that will help you continue growing and expanding your company, staying inspired and understanding the market.

  • Q. Does Green Contact Book have Terms and Conditions?

    Yes, they can be found here. They are applicable to all those listed as contacts, as well as those paying to be members.

  • Q. Do you have a privacy policy?

    Yes, it can be found here.

Listing Your Details

  • Q. How much does it cost to be listed within Green Contact Book?

    Listing your details with Green Contact Book is free - and this will always be the case. You just need to sign up for a free membership here, and then you can add your business contact details in your account section.

  • Q. What are the benefits of being listed in Green Contact Book?

    Green Contact Book is full of key contacts from the health, wellbeing and fitness industries, and the benefits to listing your details are wide-ranging:

    - Make your contact and event details instantly and easily accessible to key influencers

    - Raise your profile within the growing health, wellbeing and fitness communities

    - Protect your contact details from spambots by listing them within a secure directory rather than in a public domain on your website

    - It doesn’t cost anything to be listed, meaning there is no impact on your company budget to be part of the directory

    - Gain access to exclusive discounts on subscription packages and advertising rates 

  • Q. Who else will have access to my contact details?

    Only upgraded members (who will be trade/business individuals/companies, as per our Terms and Conditions and Code of Conduct will be able to see the contact information that you have selected to list on our website.

  • Q. Will I have lots of random people e-mailing me if I am listed?

    As people will have to pay for an upgrade to access the full directory, only serious trade contacts will realistically be a part of the Green Contact Book service. We also have a Code of Conduct on our website for those subscribing to Green Contact Book that everyone using it will have to adhere to. We are not deemed responsible for the communications sent to you by members (see our Terms and Conditions) but if you’re unhappy with anything, then please get in touch with us at enquiries@greencontactbook.com and we will look into it as a matter of priority. We want your experience with us to be positive and rewarding.

    As per our Terms and Conditions listed on the website (see here), any members/users found spamming those listed or contacting them inappropriately will have their account immediately terminated.

  • Q. Can I list my industry events with Green Contact Book?

    We have a fabulous events calendar available for all to add to, in which events relevant to the health, wellbeing and fitness industries are listed. Accessing the events calendar to view all the events is only available to upgraded members though. The events listed within the calendar will be subject to approval to ensure relevance to the industry, but you can add yours here. It is free to do so.

Your Account


  • Q. What parts of Green Contact Book require a membership?

    You will need a basic membership to add your contact details to Green Contact Book; this is free – and always will be. Accessing the full website (Directory, Media Centre, Events Calendar and Industry Forum) requires an upgraded membership (which you can purchase here). You won’t need a membership to read our editorial blog and receive our industry newsletter.

  • Q. How much does it cost to become a Green Contact Book member?

    It is free to become a member and add your contact and event details. Please see our “Join Us” page for information on our upgrade packages, which allow you access to the full website.

  • Q. What are the benefits of upgrading your Green Contact Book membership?

    Becoming an upgraded member is incredibly valuable to you and your company:

    • Get important company contact and event details instantly
    • Access a time-saving, efficient and accurate business tool
    • Be the first to know about new brands and event details
    • Become part of the ever-growing and increasingly valuable health, wellbeing and fitness community
    • Network with like-minded businesses and individuals
    • Stay in the loop with industry trends and launches
    • Gain access to exclusive discounts on future subscription packages and advertising rates.
  • Q. Will my package automatically renew?

    Yes, unless you choose to opt-out of this. However, we will always notify you via e-mail of any renewals and you will be able to change the renewal process at any time, even if you have opted in at the time of your subscription. We will never take money from your account without letting you know that your subscription package is up for renewal.

  • Q. Can I cancel my membership package?

    You can cancel your membership at any time, either through your account or by e-mailing subscriptions@greencontactbook.com but you will not be refunded for any period of upgraded membership that has already been paid for, as per our Terms and Conditions.

  • Q. What if I would like a multi-user/group membership package that can be used by more than one person?

    We are able to offer special packages for those looking to purchase multiple memberships. Please e-mail us at: subscriptions@greencontactbook.com to find out what we can do for you.


  • Q. Is it possible to advertise on Green Contact Book?

    Yes, we have integrated advertising available across the website, along with an exciting “brand of the month” opportunity on our home page. For more information, please e-mail us: grace@greencontactbook.com.


Social Media

  • Q. Is Green Contact Book on social media?

    Yes, we are @greencontactbook on Instagram (and if you hash tag #greencontactbook on a healthy/fit “green” picture, we may regram it for you!) and @greencontactbk on Twitter.

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