Want to work with bloggers? You need to read this now.

Want to know what it takes to work with a blogger? Lynda D’aboh, creator of Wonderlusting (Winner of 2017 Blog of The Year at the Precious Health & Beauty Awards), explains everything brands need to know about building an effective PR and communications strategy with the blogging community.

What brands do you find are most exciting when writing your blog? 

I look for brands that inspire ‘wonder’ and ‘lust’! Quality ingredients, ethically made, fabulous design, attention to detail, a point of view – unusual, innovative or intriguing always grab my attention.

What is the best way a brand can approach you?

An e-mail is the best way.


Lynda of Wonderlusting with Jasmine Hemsley

What are the most frustrating things brands can do? 

– Ask to read your review before it is published! That’s always a ‘no’ from me by the way.

– Not providing information requested is annoying.

– Also, being too aggressive when following up – please don’t chase me three days after sending an anti-ageing skincare product.

– Sending pictures of an event the blogger wasn’t invited to and asking them to write about it!

Don’t ask to read your review before it is published! That’s always a ‘no’ from me by the way.

How do you build relationships with brands, and what works best?

I don’t think there is a set pattern as it depends on the parties involved – a bit like all relationships in life. Overall, expressing genuine interest, and being open and clear about what is expected, is important. Honesty and integrity from both sides are key. Don’t take things personally and don’t assume.


On a basic level, having samples available is key – bloggers write from first-hand experience.

What would you like to see brands doing more frequently when reaching out to bloggers or promoting themselves?

– Researching the bloggers and reading their blogs in the first place to see if the product is likely to fit with the kind of topics the blogger focusses on.

– Respecting the time and skills that go in to blogging. When you look at a magazine page, an editor, writer, photographer, stylist, creative director has all been involved in one article. Most bloggers are doing all that by ourselves.

– On a basic level, having samples available is key – bloggers write from first-hand experience.

– Asking the blogger how they think you can work together – the blogger knows what their readers respond to best.

– Understanding when they are making an advertorial request, so have budget allocated.


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