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Style PB is the stylish sportswear edit for activewear, running kit and yoga clothes. Empowering women through sport, we sat down with founder, Natalie Dale, to find out her trend forecasts and top tips for running an e-commerce site.

Can you tell introduce us to Style PB – who are you, when did you launch, and what makes you special?                      

Style PB is the online stylish sportswear edit. I founded Style PB just over a year ago to fill a gap in the market for luxury women’s sportswear online. I had previously worked as a fashion stylist and loved exercising and felt that there wasn’t a destination where I wanted to buy my sportswear, so I decided to create it. At Style PB we are constantly striving to discover innovative new brands and to stock the best edit from each brand for the Style PB woman. 

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How do you decide which brands to stock and how do you go about building these relationships?

We put a lot of effort in to sourcing the brands that we feel the Style PB woman wants in her wardrobe. This could range from a cool SportsLuxe t-shirt that she can throw on for her Pilates class, to a pair of technical running leggings for marathon training. The brands have to fit the Style PB ethos of style and function. We know our customer is intelligent and on trend, therefore we want to present her with the best selection possible.

What are the challenges of building and running an e-commerce website?

The first challenge is finding people to work with who understand your brand and vision. The second challenge is making the website and delivery process as seamless as possible for your customer. The day-to-day is quite seamless as long as you have people you can trust to work with and put customer service at the core of your business. However, no two days are ever the same, so staying focused and always being pro-active are a must!

No two days are ever the same, so staying focused and always being pro-active are a must!

What do you find most exciting about the activewear industry?

I think the industry is hugely interesting at the moment. Over the last year it has expanded at a rapid growth. I think the consumer is now super interested in how they can incorporate activewear into their everyday lifestyle. I am personally never out of my leggings, whether I’m meeting a new brand or teaching yoga. I also feel that the activewear industry is really starting to listen to what women want to wear and is developing products based on this rather than just being trend-focused.

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Would you say there are any gaps in the market for a particular type of clothing/accessory to be better designed/produced more of, and why?

A girl can never have enough leggings! I think there could be space in the market for a legging with in-built technology. The fit-tech industry is growing hugely with health and fitness trackers such as Apple watches and Misfit – therefore I think a legging that somehow combined this could work well.

I also don’t think there are enough body suits on the market. I feel that people wore them back in the days of Jane Fonda but they haven’t made a re-occurrence. I wear the Lucas Hugh body whenever I teach yoga and absolutely love it. You feel so supported and never have to worry about your vest showing more than you want when you’re in headstand, etc!

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