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After a successful career in modelling, Rosemary Ferguson dived into the world of wellness and trained to become a naturopath and nutritional therapist. She tells us about her journey so far, how she balances motherhood with work and what her family taught her.

What has your journey been like to get to where you are? And how did you make the leap from modelling to nutrition?

My journey from modelling to nutrition was quite organic really. When I was modelling I was quite into what food and juice could do for your health and things like helping with a hangover, helping with jet lag, helping with energy and skin, etc.

The fashion industry cares about what it eats and the catering at work was pretty amazing most of the time. The caterers used to use the newest health foods, and I guess I enjoyed learning!

Then I went back to college when I decided I wanted to make it my full time job… that was hard! The little grey cells had to get going again!

Rosemary Ferguson

Having worked in an industry that constantly battles headlines about underweight models, what nutritional work/education – if any – do you think needs to be done for young women? 

I think that healthy eating has a tendency to become a bit extreme, which is as unhealthy as extreme bad eating. Focusing on food all day every day doesn’t lend itself to a positive relationship with food in my opinion. Food should be an enjoyable thing and fuel for our bodies – a bit of everything in moderation. Being kind to your body and giving it lovely food to thrive with is basic self-care!

The reason I wrote a juice book is because it is one of the most accessible ways to start thinking about increasing the nutrition in your diet.

Can you talk us through your book – how did this opportunity come about and how did you find writing it? Any key challenges or exciting moments?

So ‘Juice’ came about when my lovely publisher, Ebury, approached me and we started having a think about what sort of book I would like to write. The reason I wrote a juice book is because it is one of the most accessible ways to start thinking about increasing the nutrition in your diet. I wanted to write a book that explained a bit about what the different nutrients in all the fruit and vegetables we consume do for you. I also hope that it is informative and, if you are having a certain health issue, then there is a juice that can nudge you in the right direction.

How do you balance motherhood and career? Any key advice for other like-minded women?

I love both so much. My three little, (not so little anymore), girls are such a lot of fun to hang out with, and I love my job. It is a bit of a juggling act, but we muddle through. I am lucky as I work from home quite a lot and I am very flexible.

I think hanging in there and knowing life will get quieter one day is the only thing you can do. Vitamin B is probably something most working women should take to help their bodies deal with the pace of life!

Juice by Rosemary Ferguson

Your grandmother opened one of the first health food shops in the UK – Spice of Life – and your stepfather was a homeopath. Is there any advice/beliefs that you picked up from your family? 

I do believe the human body is an amazing thing and is capable of more than we could ever imagine and I got this from my family I guess. Healing yourself or others with a more holistic approach makes total sense to me and looking for root causes rather than just the symptoms. I think that is a really important point; looking for what is making the body unwell and asking why and then working out which bit needs fixing…

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