Predator Nutrition

Born in 2009, Predator Nutrition aims to introduce fitness enthusiasts to products that work. After gaining exclusive distribution rights to a range of innovative supplements, they’ve paired this with excellent product advice and customer service to gain a loyal following. We learn more.

Can you introduce us to Predator Nutrition – and what makes you special?

Predator Nutrition is like the GNC (US supplement brand) of the United Kingdom. We promote, enlighten and supply customers with healthy, lean foods, supplements and vitamins. 

How do you go about selecting the products featured on your site?

We break them down from reviews from actual customers and take a deep look into the ingredients and how they are made. 


In your view, what makes a great supplement brand?

One that is ethical, non-habit forming and mostly derived from natural ingredients. Some are not all natural, however, but I do appreciate the companies that really research and design a product that really has the customer’s needs in mind.

What do you think the next ‘big thing’ is going to be in the supplement industry – and how is the market changing?

Supplementing natural compounds. As we continue to discover the power for nature’s food when broken down, we find some very interesting and beneficial supplements. 

Supplementing natural compounds is the next big thing in the industry…

What kind of advice do customers need to keep in mind when it comes to training, nutrition and supplementation?

Research, read the reviews, don’t hesitate to ask questions and always listen to your body.

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