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Getting health and wellbeing gift products into the Christmas features and gift guides can have a huge impact on sales; this is an important part of retail PR strategy and it starts in July.

‘Christmas In July’ is the annual PR initiative where brands launch their festive gift collections to the media. The press love planning in July, and it’s where most of the exposure for Christmas features and gift guides comes from. With a huge rise in ethical, healthy and natural gifting, journalists are on the look out for the best new products available.

With this in mind, here are our top five tips to get the press interested in your products in time for Christmas:

Planning – strategy discussions should start well in advance, with every department working together to ensure time-frames are met and product collections are ready for the key July period. Even if you only have your prototypes ready, this is a great start.  “If something isn’t ready by July, it has to move to the following year” – Jo Malone.

Host a Press Launch – face time and interaction with key media is important to firmly establish awareness of your new product range. It’s a time to build relationships, tell your story and immerse them in your brand experience, meaning your products are at the forefront of journalists’ minds when it comes to the gift guides.

Collaboration – there has been a surge in the journalist community for Christmas In July to be run like London Fashion Week, joining other brands to collectively launch gift collections to the press. The Christmas in July Festival facilitates this, minimising journalists time out of the office and increasing your brand exposure to the press at a fraction of the cost of hosting an individual event – it’s a win-win!

Product information & imagery – Sharing the right content with the press is important to get featured in the gift guides; “If we can’t find the right information, we just move onto the next product,” explains Lorraine Fisher, Daily Mail Gift Guide, 2016. The Gift Guide Portal can help you facilitate all key information in a simple and consistent way.

Sampling / Gifting – gifting at your Press Launch and sending samples to the press in the lead up to Christmas helps to keep relationships and product awareness with the press. This is a great solution if all of your products aren’t ready by July and with the Gift Guide Portal, you can simply add products as and when they become available.

The Christmas In July Festival takes place on 12th-13th July 2017 at Victoria House in Bloomsbury, London with over 100 brands exhibiting their gift collections to 1,000+ media and influencers.

For more information visit http://www.christmasinjuly.co. Contact Courtney Rogers on 0207 952 5060 or e-mail Courtney@christmasinjuly.co and mention ‘Green Contact Book’ for a complementary upgrade to the Silver Gift Guide Portal, worth £600!

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