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We sat down with London-based health coach, yoga teacher and author of Get The Glow, Madeleine Shaw, to find out about her new app, Glow Guides – a holistic transformational programme – and how she took her new idea to market.

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What made you decide to launch an app?

I noticed that there were so many transformational programmes out there that only focus on physical transformation. I’m really into yoga and meditation (and, of course, cooking!) so I thought all of these things brought together for a holistic transformation of the mind and body would be really beneficial to a lot of people.

Can you talk us through the process of building and developing ‘Glow Guides’?

Internal - MadeleineShawIt was a lot more work than we anticipated and I have had an amazing team working with me. It started off as an idea, which turned into meetings. Meetings turned into filming, then came the videos, recipes, and meditations, which all got bundled into the app. It has been an incredible journey.

How did you ensure the content was unique to other similar fitness/health apps?

I’ve done a lot of research! Other than the transformation of the body and mind, my app is also like a kind of social network. We’ve got a growing community of glow-getters who are all commenting on the wall, supporting each other, and posting messages of encouragement and asking questions!

What challenges did you face – and how has it compared with the other amazing things you have done, such as writing a book?

There were so many more people involved, and it’s been great as you can change things (if there is a spelling mistake, you can change it, which is tricky in a book!). It’s also so amazing to see the community in the app. Everyone is so amazing and supportive, which makes it easier to thrive.

Everyone is so amazing and supportive, which makes it easier to thrive.

What advice would you give to an entrepreneur or business looking to build an app for their idea/company?

Go for it, don’t be scared of hard work, back yourself and keep going!


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