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Kick start your food business adventure with Bread & Butter Festival – a two-day bootcamp and conference bringing together 1000 food founders and innovators, investors, media and industry leaders.

Listen to speakers from top brands including Ugly Drinks, Plenish, Rebel Kitchen, Pip & Nut, Punch Foods and Doisy & Dam. We find out more.

Can you introduce us to the Bread and Butter Festival?

Bread & Butter is a two-day food business bootcamp and conference for food and drink entrepreneurs. We’ve got a ground-breaking programme of inspirational keynotes, industry workshops and panel discussions lined up for food brands with bold aspirations. 

bread & butter festival

What gap in the market did you identify when establishing the event?

Bread & Butter is an event for food founders, by food founders. We wanted to deliver something that we wished we had when we started our food businesses. Running a food business can be a lonely road and it’s hard to know where you can turn to for support and advice. We wanted to create an opportunity for food founders to get together, learn from each other and collaborate towards helping their businesses grow. We worked really hard to get the mix of industry icons right and we’re really excited about having 90 incredible speakers joining us.

What kinds of brands can we expect to find there? Is it open to anyone to be a part of it?

Bread & Butter is for anyone who is thinking about starting a food business, food startups and businesses that are looking to scale up too. You can find brands that have turnover in the millions right down to people who are thinking about how to get their first listing. Our community is full of passionate, likeminded people who love their businesses and can’t wait to take them to the next level.


What are the benefits for companies looking to be involved in the Bread and Butter Festival? 

Bread & Butter gives food businesses a unique opportunity to engage with industry icons who have done it all before. If you’ve ever wondered about how to run a successful crowdfunding campaign, how to leave your day job to run the business you’ve dreamed of or how to create packaging that flies off the shelf, this is where you need to be.

In your opinion, what key factors make up a good conference/festival?

The people! Ultimately, that’s the most important thing. We’ve been really lucky with getting everyone together and we can’t wait to get our community together all in one place.

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