What is the best time to post on social media?

Social media can feel like a huge minefield, especially when you are trying to post strategically. Not only are there multiple platforms to consider with all different types of users, but there is also the small matter of the fact these global communities are working on a catalogue of time-zones. All in all, knowing what time you should post on social media for the best results is quite the challenge.

what time of day should you post to social media

We’ve found gazillions of blogs all claiming to know the exact formula, often based on some serious collation of all the different results published. It can feel overwhelming.

However, we were pretty impressed with what CoSchedule posted about what 16 studies had to say about the best times to post on social media, and wanted to share their infographics with you below. You can read their full and detailed analysis here.

Constantly reviewing your analytics and seeing what is working for you is crucial…

Ultimately, no matter what any research suggests, it is about doing what makes the most sense for your health, wellbeing or fitness business. It isn’t necessarily a one-size-fits-all mould, even though these guides are certainly helpful. Constantly reviewing your analytics and seeing what is working for you is crucial, and will allow you to assess what patterns are occurring and what is proving most successful for your business. You can then tailor your efforts to suit this better, and ensure you are reaching your audiences effectively.

When considering what time to post on social media, there are several considerations you need to make. These include:

  1. Whether your audience is primarily B2B or B2C and how this might affect your posting?
  2. Where your audience typically lives and what time-zone they’re in? (Your website analytics will help you to understand this best)
  3. What sort of age group you’re appealing to and what their average day might look like? (E.g. older people are typically retired and around all day but may wake later; younger individuals will often be working 9am-5pm and commuting early; new parents may be on maternity/paternity leave and awake at all hours; 3pm posts might not work well for parents busy on the school run, etc)
  4. How your content relates to the time of day? (E.g. if it is a longer read, it might be better suited for the weekends when people have more free time, recipes may work well in the evening, quick shares at lunch-time, breakfast posts first thing, and so forth)
  5. What hash-tags you’re using and whether you can tap into the time of day with these? (e.g. lunchtime posts with #Lunchtime to capture your audience at that time of day)







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