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Imagine at the start of spring, summer, autumn, and winter, you receive a chic limited edition box containing every well-being product you need to see you through the season. Scandinavian-born Natalie Viklund and Marie Hansen have created just that with Aevi. We find out more.

Can you introduce us to Aevi – and what gap you have identified within the ‘subscription box’ market? What made you want to fill it?

With a philosophy rooted in self-love and care, we curate seasonal wellness boxes. We carefully source the purest and highest quality of clean skincare, natural beauty and holistic wellbeing products from small niche companies around the world.

For us, Aevi is a way of life. We use these boxes to inspire others to find balance and harmony within themselves, and to learn how to take the time to honestly love yourself. Since we believe beauty comes from the inside, we curate experiences that care for your entire body – heart, mind and skin – and do not just focus on outwardly beauty. It’s more about us guiding you into a self-care ritual with love and natural, non-toxic and synthetic-free products.

We believe when it comes to nourishing the body that it matters what you put on your skin just as much as what you put in your body and this is so often ignored or just not well monitored by other boxes. We care according to the seasons, as Ayurveda teaches us, hence our boxes come out four times a year. And, although you are able to purchase an annual package, we aren’t requiring that you subscribe; rather, we want you to easily be able to give well-being as a one-time gift for a loved one, just as much as you can keep as a gift of love for yourself.

Aevi clean beauty subscription box

The Aevi “Spring” Subscription Box

Was there any golden moment when you knew the time was right to launch Aevi? And any hurdles you’ve had to overcome that you hadn’t expected?

Last year was a hectic one for both of us in many different ways, and it was when we got back on our feet that we realised how important it is to balance ourselves and take time to care for our mind and body on a regular basis. We launched in December 2015 and had only been working on the business since mid-September, but the concept was so much already a part of our life and breath.

We’ve had many hurdles; the most unexpected one was where to put the 150 wooden boxes that arrived at Marie’s apartment for our Winter edition – since then we chant our motto on a daily basis: “Nothing is a problem!”

We chant our motto on a daily basis: “Nothing is a problem!”

Products from the spring Aevi box

Clean beauty and well-being products from the Spring Aevi box

Why did you decide to launch your wellness boxes only four times a year – and how are you turning this into a sustainable business model?

Two reasons. First, we decided to do it seasonally because the body naturally works according to this rhythm and so, instead of disrupting it, we curate our boxes to aid in softening the impact of transition according to Ayurveda (the sister science of yoga). Secondly, we work with full-sized products so that you can truly try them out and get an idea for the full benefits of particular nourishing ingredients, as well as feel the difference when you choose to go natural and non-toxic.

We decided to produce our boxes seasonally because the body naturally works according to this rhythm and so, instead of disrupting it, we curate our boxes to aid in softening the impact of transition.

Where did the name ‘Aevi’ come from?

Aevi, said [a-vee], comes from an Old Norse language meaning ‘life’. For us, Aevi is our way of living with self-love and continually seeking balance within so that we can be a strong foundation for ourselves and others. It’s about nurturing a loving relationship between you and your body, and inspiring a self-care ritual upon self-love and respect to cultivate a gentle heart, a strong mind and naturally glowing skin.

Aevi founders Natalie Viklund and Marie Hansen

Founders of Aevi, Natalie Viklund and Marie Hansen

How do you source the products within each one and tailor them to the specific seasons? Are there any key things you’re looking out for or using as a criteria?

We love all things green beauty, skincare and holistic, and have done since we remember, so naturally we’ve always sought out what’s new and exciting in this area for our own wellness journey. With Aevi at the top of our minds, we do a lot more pointed research but also travel a whole lot with eyes wide and hearts open to whatever we find.

When it comes to curating the boxes we come in with a guiding theme for each season based on the Ayurvedic approach; for example, our current edition, the Spring wellness box, is focused on detoxing the body, nourishing the skin and uplifting the mind. Then, we bring to the theme a whole list of products that we have tried, absolutely love, and, of course, that meet our strict pure ingredient criteria.

It’s always very much a delicate puzzle so that we balance what we feel is needed for the changing season and we arrange brands and products that complement each other well.

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